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Tours to Garifuna Culture, Roatan East End

The Garifuna speaking people were brought from St. Vincent and marooned to the island of Roatan by the british army. It is believed that they landed at the village known today as Camp Bay. This area is located to the north east of the community of Punta Gorda.

It is reported that in the early 1600s shipwrecked slaves were integrated to the population of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. By 1763, there was a group of Black or Negroid people who spoke the Carib language (Garifuna) and practiced Carib ritual (such as Couvades or Gubida) called the Black Caribs. Another of their spiritual service is called the “Dugu”, in which a high priest (Buyei) contacts ancestors for help in resolving problems. Their spiritual contact is called an Owehani. Their singers are called Gayusa.

The French settled on Saint Vincent and bonded with the Garinagu in the min 1600s. Later on war broke out between the French and the English. The Black Caribs sided with the French but unfortunately the British won that war. The Black Caribs were not contented with the English. They rebelled against them over and over again and war followed this continued for over 150 years. By the end of last English-Carib war which lasted from 1795 to 1796 the Garinagu population was estimated to be about 5,000 in numbers.

English farmers on Saint Vincent were outnumbered by the Caribs and were unable to live peacefully among them. In 1796, The Black Carib leader Joseph Satuye was killed in a fight (duel) with Sir Ralph Abercromby a British military commander early in the month of March. The following year (1797), approximately 5,000 Garinagu people were packed aboard the HMS Experiment (military ship) and taken to the island of Roatan, Honduras.

Punta Gorda (Garifuna Community in Roatan, Bay Islands)
Punta Gorda community was founded in 1797 by Garifuna a micture of Africans and the yellow Caribs of Saint Vincent in the western caribbean. The Garifuna began aiding the French in the war against the British won the war and punished the Garifuna by mourning them on the island of Roatan. The Garifuna is the only group of natives that have conserved and preserved their customs, traditions and culture. They have created the famous music called Punta.

The community was declared National Monument, for being the First Garifuna Community in Central America. At Punta Gorda, you can visit the monument or statue of the first leader of the Garifuna people Joseph Satuye. This community has many small restaurant and bars where you can enjoy a variety of dishes, the most popular the Machuca.

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I’ve always said that a good operator is a knowledgeable operator. Thank you for sharing the history of Roatan and the surrounding areas.


So I’ve been to Roatan over 20 times, and I’ve never traveled “beyond” French Harbor. I’ve only visited the west side of the island.

Help me understand, why isn’t the east side more “popular”? I have vision of that side of the island being “remote” and undeveloped. Is that true?

@roatanwildcreektours May I ask, how does the east side of Roatan compare to the West side?

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It is always a pleasure to offer information about the island of Roatan and the two municipalities Roatan and Santos Guardiola to our visitors, very soon more information.

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Hello Nitrox,

It is right the eastern part of the island is less developed in infrastructure, but with more natural tourist attractions, such as the first Garifuna culture of Honduras, the mangrove channel used by pirates, pirate history in the cays of Port Royal, Camp Bay beach the largest white sand beach in Roatan island, the unique mangrove channel from north to south side of the island, also beautiful cays like Pigeon, Morat and Barbareta (Private) and much more.

But again all the biggest hotels, airport, ferry and cruise ship port are locate at the west side. A lot of tourist are asking for tours to the east, and of course are hotels too with excellent service, at present the east has the best road, and a lot of development, there is also an european and north americans village.

Please take a visit to our media gallery with some photos of Santos Guardiola (East End) beaches, cays, towns and culture at: Roatan Wild Creek Media Gallery


Good stuff @roatanwildcreektours - I would add that the road to the east side is not so good. This only adds to the “adventure experience”. I want to also say that the East Side is less “hilly” but that may or may not be true. Roatan is known for its “keyholes” and these are ever present all over Roatan, but especially on the east side of the island.


TOTALLY ON MY BUCKET LIST. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been to roatan on a cruise and the first thing we did was hang a left from the airport and we headed straight to West End. Looking back, I would have much much rather taken a right and headed over to the east side.

@roatanwildcreektours - Are tours to the east side possible coming of of a cruise ship? or is there not enough time to get an adventure in? I wonder why our operator decided to take us to West End? - Don’t get me wrong, the water in West End, and the beach, were nice. But it felt like the entire ship had been “dumped” there for a few hours.


@roatanwildcreektours I have the same question as does @lionfish - How much time would someone need to set aside for the various excursions your group offers?

I am also interested in knowing how far away it would be for guest staying on the north end side near Jungle Reef Inn and Anthony’s Key Resort to commute to the east side? I am sure guest staying at @JungleReefInn would be interested in knowing this information.


I believe the furthest point east that you can drive is about 90 minutes from us. You can get to many points of interest in less than that. As far as details of specific excursions it would vary by activity. We act as agents for some of the operators we have had time to check out. We can help you plan your activities as well, in the interest of making your whole experience as enjoyable as possible.


Hi @DeepThinker currently the municipality of the east, are paving the way to the communities, Jones Ville, Punta Gorda, Pollitilly Bight are completed, but yes still have more areas that need more work. At present the road of the west is more careless and needs maintenance.

Hello everyone! Oak Ridge and Jonesville is about 45 minutes from West End or West Bay. I would set aside at least 3 to 5 hours because of drive time and attractions to the east. For example, if you start your mangrove tunnels trip from Oak Ridge to Jonesville, you’ll probably want to stop for lunch at the Hole in The Wall. All in all 2-3 hours, not including drive time.

Partial view from Hole in The Wall


Hi @lionfish it’s always a pleasure for us sharing information about Roatan island, you are welcome to the east side from now, you can contact us at to check the tours and packages we offer in west / east of the island or write us at our email

Our tours fit the tourists’ time, and tourists who arrive on cruises, always have unforgettable experiences and arrive on time to the cruise ship either to (Town Center or Mahogany Bay) port.


Hello @RoatanOnline @lionfish time from Roatan Airport or cruise ports is about 45min. to 1 hour to Oak Ridge or Jones Ville communities, where you can get into a water taxi and enjoy of a nice tour to the mangroves channels. From West End or West Bay is about 1 hour + to get to those communities.

Tourist will need about 2 hours plus, but it is an unforgettable experience you will always remember, getting to view birds, culture, good island food and learning from the water taxi captains they will provide information related to traditions, culture and pirates history.


Thank you for the kind response. I need to sign up for one of the Mangrove tours. Been to Roatan a number of times and I’ve never even heard of such an adventure.

Hard to believe the tunnels would be long enough, deep enough, and wide enough to navigate with Tourist…

Hello @nitrox

We warmly welcome you, for now I leave a video recorded by our staff enjoying the tour of the mangroves. and when ready just contact us to take you to the mangrove tunnels adventure.

Best Regards