Getting dogs to Roatan

I am having problems getting my dogs from Ottawa, Canada to Roatan. Anyone who has succeeded in travelling from Canada or the US to Roatan with large dogs, please let me know your experience.


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I would love to know too. When I move I plan to bring my dog

hello @Chris

Have you checked this previous thread?

The best couple I know who does dog transport is Matt Lemley and Nicole Persson who do this trip regularly to transport dogs or your car or baggage. They know the roads, have customs down pat and are very reasonable. Besides that they love animals. Both are on FaceBook…if you cannot connect that way, write me back and I’ll grab an email or phone.

There are a lot of Matt Lemley and Nicole Person profiles. Any help with contact info would be greatly appreciated. email, WhatsApp or Facebook preferred.
Thank you Carol.

Chris - I just drove down from Texas with our dog.

  • first, you have to make sure that your pets are up on all the required shots. I checked with the Roatan version of the USDA before taking our dog to our local vet to get all â– â– â– â–  updates.
  • Then, you need to have a health check completed by your vet no longer than 10 days before you plan on crossing into Honduras. If you are driving like I did, you’ll have to have the health check completed right before you depart so you’re not pushing too close to the 10 day window).
  • You’ll need to find pet friendly hotels along the way which can be a challenge. I found that several hotels were listed as pet friendly on the major travel websites, but when I arrived / called ahead, they were indeed NOT pet friendly.
  • If you choose to drive, and import your vehicle to Roatan, you’ll need to ship it over to Roatan once you arrive in La Ceiba. I used Island Shipping and didn’t have any issues. I checked the vehicle and all contents into Island Shipping and took a taxi straight from there to the Galaxy Wave ferry.
  • At the Ferry, you will have to buy a ticket for yourself first and then a ticket for each dog you are transporting on the ferry. Also, important, they will crate your dog (metal cage) as they don’t allow pets to ride with the humans. You’ll want to ensure that you take a water bowl for each dog. It was a little unnerving checking our dog in and putting her in a metal cage after 5 days cooped up in a vehicle, but she was fine.
  • One VERY important precaution. If you drive, you will need to have the original title to your vehicle, and it needs to be titled in your name or in the name of whoever accompanies you on the drive. If it is not, you will run into major issues in Guatamala and Honduras borders.

Hope this helps if you’re thinking about driving.

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Thank you for this information. We are travelling down from Canada, and are exploring any and all means of getting to Roatan.

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The contact info for Nicole is: or 206-234-5001 on WhatsApp. Good luck.

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Thank you very much Carol. I am sure it will give me some good information.

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I hope you can bring your animals but please also consider that there are thousands of cats and dogs land locked on Roatan who desperately need adoption. They could be brother’s and sisters to your wonderful pets

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