Advice on bringing our pet to Roatan?

We are moving into our new house in Roatan in August and need to bring our small dog with us. I’ve read that we need to get a copy of our dogs medical record and vaccinations no more than 10 days prior to our arrival. Is there anything else we need to do to bring our dog onto the island? Thanks so much for your guidance


Hello, you first stop is with the airlines. They will ensure you have all that is needed to transport a pet. It is always advisable to get all your shots in the US before you transport your dog.

There is a list of vaccinations required to bring your pet to the island PLUS you must obtain a USDA pet certificate no more than 10 days prior to arrival. You can obtain the list online under requirements for pets traveling to Honduras. Be sure the airline has your pet reservation as well. Is the dog able to fit under the passenger seat inside the cabin? If not be careful of regulations for cargo carry especially in summer months. The airline usually charges you as well for the travel. All that said, once you get to the airport there is a customs agent who will inspect your papers and the dog to be sure all is in order. They may charge a small fee for that as well.

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We landed two weeks ago with our cat. We called the airlines to find out their requirements and then we went online to find the Honduran requirements. We traveled from Seattle to Roatan on two different airlines with no problem at all and when we landed in Roatan the Dept of Agriculture agent told us that we only had one of the five shots necessary. He told us that the vaccine information had not been updated online.

They did not care that we paid to have the USDA notarize our documents. From what we were told that is not a requirement. All that is needed is the vaccine paperwork and a letter from your US vet saying that the pet is healthy.

They will charge you a fee of $23 per pet. When the Ag agent saw we didn’t have the proper vaccines he called a local vet who showed up immediately and gave our cat the shot right in the airport. We paid the vet $140 for the vaccines. His name is Dr. Soto and you can find him on Facebook by searching Animal Kingdom Roatan. I would highly recommend getting in touch with him to find out what the required vaccines are.

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Thanks all for the advice and guidance. I set everything up with American when I book our flight so all good there. Also connected with Dr. Soto so I think we should be good. Appreciate your help.

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