Moving soon to Roatan

New to the forum, me and husband would like to move to Roatan we are trying to find the best steps to get us there. We will be visiting next month and would like to gather all info needed to start applying for visa’s. We have been researching it has been recommended to hire a lawyer, also they want a police report, health certification, put money into a local bank. We would appreciate any information to help guide us through these steps, and any recommendations of a lawyer to help with this process would be great. Thanks so much.

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Welcome @FL_Girl

If you haven’t read this thread, you can start with it for more information

I bet expats will help you by sharing their experiences as well

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Can you give me a Covid-19 update? Heard some rules were just changed. We also found out that we are coming in town week of the big election there in Nov. concerned there could be some unrest. Thanks

Sure! Check the entry requirements here

Curfew is suspended for vaccinated people, you must bring your vaccination card after 10:00 pm.

Elections are on November 28th, in case there is some unrest, it’ll probably be on the coast.

I used Wendy Roatan reality for property and lawyer on the island she is a local and got all my fears of the unknow understood before making it easy to manage the ins and outs of island life

Thank You so much I appreciate the updates :slight_smile:

Great Thank You so much looking forward to our trip there :slight_smile:

Two lawyers I recommend highly are Lissa Asafura at 504-9450-6866 or and Nancy Rodas at 504-9909-2500. You have the basic information now and yes you do need to hire that lawyer. It cannot be done without one. Personally, I think Nancy is the best because she helps get all the paperwork you need gathered and apostilled. Her rates are more flexible too…Good luck.

Lissa Asfura

Attorney Daniel Matamoros

Lissa will do video chat with you and tell you everything you need. Timing is the most important part. You need everything certified and apostille within 2 months of your formal application. We are going through process now. A lot of the information on line is unreliable
Daniel is a very legit reliable attorney!

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Thank you so much Carol for guiding me in the right direction :grinning:

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Thank you Libby for the great information appreciate it :grinning:

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