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One large roadblock will potentially deny us the ability to retire to Roatán. My son has a certifiable need for a certain drug (clozapine for schizophrenia). We need to have steady access to psychiatric support on this lovely island. Does anyone have contact info, experience and anecdotes, or simply sage advice that would help steer us in a proper direction? We have found no worthwhile support in the US from Dr’s, pharmacists, manufacturers, or suppliers. Apparently, anything that is out of the US is a whole 'nother country.
We’ve jumped through so many hoops (touring several Central American locations, estate sale for all of our belongings, selling our home, etc.), but if we can’t find adequate support, we stay in the states :pensive:

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Unfortunately nothing is guaranteed in a third world country. Especially when it comes to medications. Example: a simple levothyroxine for a thyroid condition which is inexpensive and prevalent throughout the USA; sometimes just isnt available in Roatan. I’ve used GeniusRX for meds but that requires planning at least a month ahead for it to be delivered to you affordably. There are rarely any psychiatric providers here on the island. This island would not be a good solution for your son.


BCBS has an international program for members. Contact them.

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Hi Carol, so sometimes you can get levothyroxine? But sometimes not? My sister and I are looking to relocate there and we both take levothyroxine. Thanks.

Well as I mentioned previously, it’s a hit or miss which just means you need to plan ahead. Example: I was down to my last 7 pills of Levo and reached out to the pharmacy about a 90 day refill. They had in stock a box of 100 tablets which cost only 560 lempiras (22 usd). Perfect solution and very inexpensive.

Thanks for the reply! Ok, so as long as you order in advance you are generally ok? How does GeniusRX work for you? Seems to based in the US?

Oh it’s a great service but then you need to plan shipping time, so again planning ahead is key. But their pricing is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

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