Helene island for the day or overnight

Was wondering how to get across to Helene island for a day trip or even overnight. We are going to be in Roatan sept 12 to 20 sept. Is there anywhere to spend the night on the island and how much is the trip across.


hello @Tizmequick and welcome to the forum.

There are short shuttle services (on water taxi’s) which leave out of Oakridge. I know a day trip out there and even an overnight trip are possible, but I’ll leave it up to the more experienced to describe the detailes. For now, allow me to introduce you to @CaribbeanCowboy who resides on St. Helene and is better suited to give you a solid game plan.

Thank you again for joining the forum.

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Hello @Tizmequick,

Welcome to the forum. May I ask, what interest you about St. Helene? - It sounds like you will be on a tight agenda, so want to be sure you get the most out of your visit.

Here is feed which contains lots of rich information regarding St. Helene which you might look over ahead of your next trip:


There is a tour operator on santa Elena that offer day trip.you would want to check them out
There is the link just click.

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