How to Pay Bills on the Island


This may sound like a crazy question, but so far I haven’t quite been able to figure it out with some of the information I have received. My husband and I just put a contract on a home towards the East End and will be traveling back and forth as we aren’t quite fully retired yet. I hear from some you might be able to pay electric on-line, others say you go pay all your bills in person (electric, internet, water, etc.). I am happy to tell my boss I need to work from Roatan at least one week a month so I can go pay my bills - HA! Any insight would be much appreciated. We are very excited about this new opportunity to be part of the Roatan community.

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Hi 3DFamily. Unfortunately I can’t answer that question for you, but this is exactly the question that I was going to ask the forum myself so I am joining in your conversation in order to receive the responses and to avoid duplicates by asking the same question. I hope you don’t consider that rude! We are in exactly the same situation as you though, purchase of our home is going ahead but we are not fully retired yet and so will just be visiting for holidays for a while. Ideally we would like to pay our bills online where possible but I am also concerned that some of the websites may not be in English, and we don’t speak Spanish (yet). Thank you very much to anyone who may reply.

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Online payments you will need to visit a bank Credomatic or Banco Atlántida both offer this service. there are other banks aswell. You will need to open an account in Lempiras or in USD I recommend you open account in USD and request with the same agent your activating bank account with let them know you want a credit or debit card or what ever card you want just make sure it’s secured with the bank tell the bank agent you want your account secured next request at reception or with the same agent your opening your account with let them know you would like your bill to be paid online You will also need to visit the office/s where your bills are sent from monthly and also talk with them to make sure all online services are available and also ask name of bank they work with. Also all bills can be paid in person at e Loto cash registers located at Eldons super market and Petrosun. Cheers!

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Thanks for the response Roatananglers! Looks like I have some stops to make. :slight_smile:

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Thanks from us as well !

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