Moving to Roatan

I need advice on all things regarding living on Roatan. I 1st fell in love with this amazing island in 2012 on my 1st visit and after our last visit in 2018, my husband and I realize that we can’t take it anymore. We want to live there. I want advice on any part-time jobs, costs of utiilites, and groceries, and anything else. We would be buying a house outright so wouldn’t have a payment. We want to make this all happened but need advice on how to do so. My husband is a personal trainer and a grocery manager and I am a Realtor and teach Real Estate classes. We are willing to do any kind of jobs though and depending on the cost of living with our savings are thinking we will only have to work part time. Need advice on everything. Thanks.

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For jobs I would recommend to look into: Roatan Jobs there are also Facebook groups where you can find smaller jobs like bartending or working on a dive shop.
Since your husband is a personal training you should check the 5 GYMs that we have here maybe they have a job opportunity for him:

  • Island Gym

  • Active Fitness


  • Flex appeal fitness center

  • Coral Pilates

Groceries: you don’t have to worry about it we have almost everything at our local super market called Eldons.

Since Im guessing you won’t have a car at first you can take a normal taxi, they are safe and it is not a big island so they will take you wherever you need to go. Check Roatan Taxi Rates for more information.

Please check this : Excited about living an Expat in Roatan there are some good answers there too!

what else would you like to know ? :blush:


Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for the information. I guess information about utilities and possibly solar options? Shipping things from the states? Like our household stuff and getting packages after living there? Anything and everything. Lol. Thanks again


Hello @sschrestensen, a good person to speak to about the electrical grid on the island (and possibly solar panels) is @CaribbeanCowboy. If you have specific question, we can help get your specific responses - after all, that is what the forum is all about.

Regarding shipping from the US, this is usually done via ocean freight from Miami, or Houston. The cost can vary, but it can range from $5K to $10K for a full relocation. The price variants are directly related with how much you are moving. You must be sure to let the immigration offices know (before you tender) that the items are personal items. This will save you on taxes.

The absolute first step is this forum. Then, getting in direct contact with an agent. A good real estate agent is well versed on the steps you should take as you look to relocate. Speak to @Anna via email or in person when you are here next.

You can also read relevant information our private bureau’s website. Here is a good guide to get you started:


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My name is Larry Schlesser and I own & operate RE/MAX here on Roatan. Before actually working you would need to have a legal residency. That would be your first step in the process. If you wish I can suggest a quality Residency Attorney. We are always looking for quality RE Agents with my company.

In regard to the cost of living I have a Cost of Living comparisons of many products and services. It is about 5 months old now but would provide a good overall document for comparative purposes. If you wish a copy send me an email to