I LOVE ROA t-shirts



Introducing the “I Love ROA” SCUBA t-shirt

The T-Shirt is available for purchase on Amazon. But as a member of our community, you can get yours free with every five new community members you invite and bring to our community.

To learn more about the history of the original “I love NYC” logo and to learn more about the deviations of this logo, please visit our post by clicking [HERE]


The logo looks good. I would recommend expanding the tagline away from “Roatan Online Community” to something else to give variety to the logo.

Maybe…I Love ROA “Scuba” or “Missions” or “Snorkeling”…etc…OR “Expats” !


All good ideas! Thank you @DeepThinker

How about “TAN”…I Love ROA-“Tan” - you know for our gringo visitors :wink:

I will see to it that we expand on the “tagline.” Good recommendation.


Excellent touch. Is there a plan to sell these in a store front in Roatan? Or is there a mailing address these can me sent to in the US with a forwarding option to Roatan?


You may also consider dropping the “Roatan Online Community” (no offense) and keeping them neutral…you might sell more of them.

Sell the neutral one, and give away the one with your slogan on it…? just a thought.


It’s a fair recommendation. No offense taken. We will give away shirts here and there as promotional incentives. We will likely keep the slogan. We are a new community and the entire point of the shirt is to bring light to our online community.


I have purchased two of these online. Should arrive tomorrow. Thank you for putting this together.


@LadyDanger Did you receive the shirts? Do they run small or large? how is the quality?


Hello @MantaRay, Yes, received. They run a bit small, but overall you get your money’s worth.


And with this, the shirts are sure to go VIRAL! :wink:

Bid with confidence!