Keeping Roatan and its surroundings non contaminated, simple and low cost

Dear friends,

Anyone knows if new homes being built in Roatan need to comply with a no contamination policy of their sewage water leaving their new home?

There are now new devices that are low cost, no maintenance needed, no electricity required, no chemicals used to process the water coming out of the toilets. They perform a primary process of cleaning it up to 80%. After that, a secondary process is still required and and can be achieved by several means. Depending on the type of soil, area available, several options would be possible and will finish cleaning the water up to 95 to 96% in order that the water could be used to maintain green areas, trees, etc…. No odors and no contamination what so ever. This interested on this topic, please feel free to WhatsApp 9917-2020

This sounds remarkable. Can you post a link to tis company’s website? Thanks!