Water treatment on the island

How is the water treated?

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Hi @Paulc

Welcome to our community. Roatan has four wells that supply the entire population.

Some of the services that are provided on the island are:
-Water Well Testing
-Rain Water Harvesting
People can put the rain to work for them by installing their own Rain Water Harvesting System. A Rain Water Harvesting System is a great way to have good quality water in your home.
-Water Treatment Systems
Depending on what part of the island you live in, your well water might have high levels of Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Acidity, or Hardness. With the required well water analysis, they can install the correct water treatment equipment.
-Skye Bottled Water
-Reverse Osmosis System
-Food Service Equipment
They offer the best in food and beverage water treatment equipment designed to save you time and money.

In the West End area, Polo’s chlorinates the water and meets the National Water Boards’ minimum standards. They also send samples of the liquid to a laboratory in Roatán that certifies its quality.

The sewage treatment plant is audited by an independent organization, which analyzes the water quality in the area of influence of the plant and that, after being treated, reaches Mangrove Bight Bay.

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