Thinking of retiring in Roatan.

Hi Folks
My wife and I are contemplating retiring in Roatan. Both of us over 55.
I am an avid scuba diver, and was in Roatan about 5 yrs ago for 2 weeks, so I know the place just a tiny bit(Stayed at West End).

Has some Qs please
How much would a 2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment rent for on a long term lease?
I ate Street Food in West End the 2 weeks I dived. That was very cheap :-). What would be the approx cost of groceries per month (we are not fussy eaters and eat simply)
Approx electricity and Internet costs? Any other costs?

Are there any volunteer opportunities that my wife and I could volunteer for?

I am planning to come to Roatan for 2 months starting the first week of Oct. I was reading some posts and I think folks were suggesting staying at Sandy Bay for some time to get the feel of the island?

Apologies for the long post. Any tips, guidance would be highly appreciated.


Hello @shark1,

It depends on what you might be looking for…but a reliable range could be anywhere from $600/mo. to $1200 per month. A better question is what sort of amenities might you be looking for?

Here again…it depends. $300 is a reasonable budget for local basic nutrition. If you shop the perimeter section at Eldon’s (fresh produce and meats) you might budget $500/mo.

This is usually the category that gets most people and it will vary on you need for an A/C, a fan, or open windows while you sleep. $300/month on A/C…$150 fan usage…$80 if you only use basic electricity to power smaller electronics.

YES! - You can volunteer at the SOL Foundation or At the Abundant Life Foundation. The Roatan Marine Park also accepts volunteers. There are several foundations, but these are solid groups you can contact directly.


@shark1 Welcome. You might consider sending a private message to the property managers on our forum. They may be able to discuss property cost depending on what sort of property/location you might be interested in renting out. Here is a list of some property managers active on our forum:

You might also contact a local realtor @jorgechavezonroatan who might be able to point you in the right direction.

To your success.

Thanks vm
Much appreciated.
Will be in Roatan for approx a month sometime in Nov/Dec/Jan

Much appreciated

Kind Regards


Thanks vm everyone
All help , info and advice is highly appreciated.

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