Looking for advice and tips for our upcoming move!

Hello my soon-to-be neighbors! We are gearing up for our permanent move to the island and I’m looking for some advice/tips. I’m guessing there are things that people wish they brought with them from their home country. Or things that you did bring with you that you are glad you did. Things that are difficult to get on the island? One example is that I keep my cigars in a wine fridge to regulate the temperature. Not looking forward to the cost of shipping it though.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!


@jimscott007 - The trick is to do it over a period of a few moves. Start by bringing the mission critical items and put all the bulky stuff on that first container over. Then, leave “luxury items” (like your cigar box) for another trip in the future.

New comers seem to think in terms of “all now or nothing now” - while in reality you’ll have ample time to toggle in and out of the island. Get your flippers, shorts, snorkel, mask, wallet, credit cards, personal paperwork, a bed and a chair down on your first visit. Then work from there.