Looking for a little guidance

We are looking at places to retire and Roatan is on our bucket list of places to explore. We are coming Oct 2-5 to check things out and would love to spend some time with someone who has actually retired there. Not adverse to picking up lunch or paying for some time and gas to take us around to see the island from a resident’s point of view and not necessarily a real estate agent. We are in our late 50’s, professional couple. Any help greatly appreciated.



Hi Jay,
How many 'place to retire have you researched so far? Which ones? What did you like and dislike? What location of the island are you staying? What have you researched so far about the island?


Hi Jay,

I don’t think 3 days is enough time to make a decision on whether Roatan is the place for you. What I can suggest is that you go to expat hangouts and talk to the people there. In West Bay, try Java Vine in the mall. It is owned by an expat from Canada who moved here about 9 years ago. You will meet alot of expats in Sundowners in West End. My husband and I retired here. We started our retirement planning, well before retirement by building our house here in 2005. We came down several times a year staying longer and longer each time and have been full time for the last 3 years. Hooking up with a resident isn’t a bad idea but you’ll only be getting one perspective. Some of us believe the west end of the Island is the place to be, other’s choose the east. Some believe you should be on the water or beach others think a jungle home is preferable, some say build, some say buy, some say rent. Get a variety of perspectives. Good Luck!

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I agree with Roatanannie that 3 days is not a lot of time to look over the whole island and there are many devotees who swear by east end living and just as many who love the west side. Sundowners on any given day or night will have many ex-pats to speak with. I also suggest not buying or building anything anywhere until you’ve spent more time living day to day here. Search out short term rentals for 1-3 months first…get a feel for daily life; not just a vacation. Nightlife consist of going to bars or entertaining at home. There are scarce options such as movies (rare), theatre (none) bowling, putt putt golf (none) There are two beautiful golf courses though. So dining out and gathering at bars is all but your choices. There is a very nice music scene here so that is something to enjoy most every night.

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We visited the island a few times and bought our lot in December 2017, started building in September 2018 and permanently retired here in February 2019 from Canada. We did ship a 20 foot container here. My wife and I are a professional couple in our mid sixties. We built a triplex and living in one unit and renting out the other two. We are on the beach in Sandy Bay.

I have joined the Rotary Club and they do great projects and many of the projects are funded from North American clubs. My wife is involved with a committee that helps raises funds for a non profit health clinic. We also go to Aqua Fit twice a week.

We also shipped our 11 year old English Cocker Spaniel here and he loves it!

We would be happy to show you around at no charge.

If you would like pictures of our place please email me at jtimlin2018@gmail.com