Married Couple - Shared Housing Inquiry

Hello everyone

My husband and I are PADI pros (Instructors/MSDT) and we are looking to visit Roatan Dec 21-30th.
Considering this as a possible permanent expat location for us.

We prefer to stay with locals in a private room…if that’s possible…as we are wanting to lower the learning curve on our expat Carribean mission. Lol :joy:
And we find staying with locals could really help us learn more about the immediate area more quickly.

We are early retired at 47 yrs, married 25 years, and now we’re deciding where to live while doing what we love…diving/working in PADI PRO industry.

We are professional, and not partiers (but, we definitely enjoy a few drinks and fun… just not heavy drinkers by any means)…

Having access to a kitchen is a bonus as we love quality food and ability to cook/prepare meals.
My husband was a chef years ago…so…the lucky respondent may just be a recipient of one of his famous classic Italian meals.

Roatan definitely hits our top list but we feel staying at resorts or hotels would limit our ability to get “in the know” and connected more quickly to “people like us”.
And the sooner this happens, the easier it would be for us to plant somewhere. We are very minimal in our approach to life…so no need for anything fancy.

If anyone on this forum is interested in connecting on this idea of hosting us (we’re happy to pay a reasonable daily rate) please email me and we can continue the discussion.

My industry back in Colorado is being an owner and broker of a real estate company called Your Move…so you welcome to look me up before considering our proposal as I realize it’s a little less than conventional.

Google: Stacy Olson reach150




Welcome to the forum folks…by all that I read, it sounds like your first landing spot should be West End. There is a good hostel there which may also fit your needs: Valerie Hostel (+504 9886-2813), ask for Lincoln.

There are several good dive shops in the area which you might fit in nicely.

Maybe others in the forum will have better suggestions but this is a good place for you to start.

I’ve sent you an email Stacey with my contact info. West End is great fun but I live in a little calmer area called Sandy Bay. Great diving here and close to many dive shops as well.


Sandy Bay is an excellent choice and there are good SCUBA operations there as well. Thank you @Carol_Luber.

Neighborhoods like Gibson Bite and Sandy Bay offer what you are after. West End will get “old” quickly as it is not conducive to the lifestyle you’ve described. That said, West End is the most pedestrian of the towns…so if getting around by foot is important to you, then consider it.

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