Thinking Roatan Might be for Us

My Wife and I are planning a vacation/scouting trip to Roatan late winter/early spring 2021 as we think it fits our requirements for a retirement location. We’ve loved Puerto Rico but want something OUS and, from what we’ve seen, Roatan looks like an ideal location.

We are looking at a two phase transition, as we still have a few years before we can move from Texas. First, we want to find a property easy to rent when we’re not there, and second we would like to find a place for us as a family retreat and permanent home.

A few questions as we plan our first trip:

  1. Where best to stay on a first visit to Roatan?
  2. Advice on realtors - who would you recommend?
  3. What locations are good for rental property?
  4. How best to see what Roatan has to offer, with becoming residents in mind?
  5. We love boating, fishing, snorkeling, and eventually Scuba - what kind of boats are recommended, is it better to keep it at a marina or private dock, any other boating related advice?

Just want to come with some education, to make the most of the trip. Looking forward to getting there and experiencing what Roatan has to offer!



Hi @Rgr7111

Roatan is a beautiful destination to live. Your questions are frequently asked by visitors and as a community, here you will find a lot of information about the island. Below, you’ll find important information of topics already discussed in the community.

Many of the most exciting activities are free and right on the water. But there are a few activities which you might not know about:

Places to stay and moving to Roatan:

and don’t forget to visit our website for more information about the island

Also, you can send me a private message with your email, I’ll recommend you a realtor that will help you with all the process.


Hello, we just purchased a home in Sandy Bay. We can’t move down for a few years, just like you, but wanted to get it now. Sophia Fedio with Roatan Life Real Estate was our agent and I can’t say enough good things about her. She worked with us for an entire year looking for the perfect place, most of that time we were back in the states. She really goes over and above for her clients.

We picked Sandy Bay because of the close proximity to the fun stuff to do in West End and West Bay, but still felt like a neighborhood as opposed to being overrun with tourist.

Good luck!!


Thank you for your recommendations and thinking on where to live. Looking forward to getting to Roatan seeing it in person!


dear @Rgr7111 as a Honduran national who has moved to Roatan after 15+ yrs, I welcome your decision to visit, remain and eventually stay.
I will be able to refer you to the optimal options in regard to real estate, accommodations and other services if you write to my email : For ethical reasons I cannot publicly recommend either or in a competitive vibrant business environment. :wink:

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Thank you for these helpful threads!