Looking to connect!

Hello everyone! My wife and I will be visiting in January and would love to meet some Expats. We are very interested in relocating to Roatan. Are there any events coming up that we could join or is anyone willing to let me buy them a few drinks and discuss the island? :smiley:

We have a six year old son so if anyone has young kids perhaps we can get together and talk schooling, friends, etc.

Thanks so much!
-Eric & Ana

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Hello there @WisconsinToRoatan, and welcome to the form. You’re on the right track and we look forward to having you on Roatan.


My girlfriend and I just recently relocated to Roatan full time! We live on the East End and are currently building a house. We would love to meet up with you when you are here. What are your travel dates?



Jim, thanks so much for the response and your willingness to meet. It sounds like you are living our dream as we also have a desire to buy land and build. We will arrive the afternoon of January 18th and depart the 25th. We have some thoughts on our itinerary but nothing locked in so our schedule is flexible. Is there a day and time that work better for you guys? We can come to you or meet wherever you choose. Thanks again! Eric & Ana

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Eric & Ana,

I’ll know better once it gets closer. We have some travel scheduled around that time but I think we’ll be able to connect. Where are you guys staying while you are here? We obviously prefer the East End of the island. It’s so beautiful and pristine. But there is a lot more to do on the West side of the island so some people prefer to be in the mix of things. We’d love to give you a tour of the East End and show you some of our favorite places. We’ve been all over the island so we can give you a decent tour if you are interested.

Stay in touch and hope to see you in paradise!

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Hi Jim, our departure is getting closer and the weather is turning colder… all of which has us really excited to visit Roatan! You mentioned that you may be traveling next week. How is that looking? If you are around we would love to get together.

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I may also be able to help you out .I am on the island until the end of March.We are currently building a house on land we purchased about 2 years ago.It is 2 or 3 weeks from completion.
Email is bradpg@sympatico.ca


We ended up changing our travel plans so we are back on the island! We will be here all next week. Shoot me an email at jimscott007@gmail.com and we will definitely meet up!