Massages in Paradise

Its not a paradise until you get a massage!

Hi everybody, I want to introduce myself. I’ m Martina, just moved to this paradise from the Czech Republic, starting a new life, building my new house in Diamond Rock (Diamond Hill project). I do special massages, got certificates, nothing like just touching your back. I’ m mobil, have car and all the equipment, can visit clientes at home, or I can also work in a resort, hotel or another facility. Have a look at my website or Fb @roatanmassagesinparadise. If anybody is interested in my services or cooperation, I’m ready to come and talk about it. Make your offer for your guests and clientes wider, offer bamboo massage, hot stones or more.


Adress: Roatan, Honduras
Phone: +504 9668 8631




We rented a home in MarVista not too long ago, and we arranged for a massage right on our back deck. I’ve never felt better and it totally changed my mind about a massage.

Lucky to hear this. Hope you will come back one day :slight_smile:

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