Want to meet and treat Ms.Carolina Brooks

Hi. Was deeply moved by Ms. Carolina Brooks’ book, the story of her life called “The Darker Side of Paradise”. I bought on my last visit there, and have shared with many in the USA.
I’ll be back April 24, and would so love to meet her and take her to lunch. How do I get word to her; if she’s interested? I’m on Twitter as @anastaciav .
Or anastaciav at AOL.
Thanks, ya’ll,

Will get the word around that your looking forward on meeting her will keep you posted.

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Potential Change in dates, question: are you guys in Honduras or Mexico? My memory is las Cabañas del doctor is is Roatán but I may be mixed up. April 22 costa maya, April 24, Roatán. Hope to get clarification; othank you!

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Thank you! She is a hero to me. My sister and I arrive 4/24 and booked a cabin at Las Cabañas del Doctor. We won’t be able to stay the night as we are due back on board at 4PM… but would so love to meet her. If she’s willing,and needs a ride- we will get it figured out.
We are
Debra Vela
Lisa Vela Levy
Ph 683-215-2974
We will be on Rhapsody of the Seas, room 4070.
Due in at 7am 4/24, but there’s not too much of a chance that I’ll get up that early on vacation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Would she like anything from the US that is difficult to get in Roatán?
Thank you for helping us!
We come yearly.
Your friends from Texas and Florida

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Not sure maybe it’s another Ms. Brooks. We’re in Honduras. Not sure if your looking for Ms. Brooks in Honduras or Mexico

A very friendly experienced tour guide her name is Carmen she has over 12 years working with the cruise ship tours
this lady knows the village where the lady lives Carmen will be contacting you her number is 98560858 dialing direct dial 001 504 98560858
If your in Honduras waters already or in port at Roatan just dial 98560858

Best Regards