Mini pig swim add on - Little French Key

I have already booked a shore excursion for my cruise: Roatan Relaxed Drift Snorkel, Monkey and Sloth Hangout and Little French Key Beach Break Excursion. The description for this excursion states that we will have a couple hours at LFK to enjoy the beach. On the LFK website, I noticed that it said that a mini pig swim could be added to any LFK Package. My question is twofold; 1. Would we be able to purchase the add on for the mini pig swim even if we do not have a LFK package purchased from their website? 2. If it is possible to do a mini-pig add on with the excursion I have already booked…what times are these sessions available? Are the pig swims scheduled at regular daily intervals or on demand? My daughter REALLY wants to do this, but I want to make sure it is an option first. Thank you!

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Welcome @mandyskees

You can buy the mini pig activity upon arrival no matter what package you bought. You can do the activity whenever you want and if there’s a chance at the moment.