Questions About LFK

Hi I will be cruising JAN 11 on Carnival and I’m planning on visiting LFK on JAN 14. We’re first timers and have a lot of questions, so I’m sorry in advance.

To my understanding I don’t have to book anything until I get there but how does that work in regards to LFK reaching capacity? Also getting transportation with the drivers if I am not booked with them, will they just take my group as walk ups requesting to go to LFK?

I searched the website and saw some prices and packages but all of the add-ons don’t seem to be online (i.e the pig interaction, adding a cabana without the VIP option, etc.)

Also is the waterpark still there, and an option? Does anyone have a list of all they offer? A full list of all the add-ons and packages will help us figure out how much money to bring with us.

The paddle boards and kayaks are all day, but the pig interaction is how long? Access to the zoo includes interactions with the little monkey’s as well?

Thanks for being so patient and any answer to our questions are really appreciated!

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We are here to help you out with all your inquiries. We have changed our booking method and we highly recommend to book prior to your arrival due to our limited amount of reservations in high season. Once you book you will receive instructions on how to meet our drivers when you disembark. You are always welcome to visit us even though you don’t have reservation, you just need to make sure to get to our drivers who are always wearing a green or white t-shirt with little french key and frenchys 44 logos printed on them as well as Little french key signs that they will be holding. All the add ons can be added upon arrival. We don’t have the water park anymore. The paddle boards, kayaks and snorkeal gear are for unilimited use. The mini pig interaction lasts around 20 minutes. All of our packages includes access to our animal rescue center. If you have more questions please contact us directly to

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Thank you for the information!