Need to contact SFbay/Roatan Expats



In 1973-79 lived in Jonesville and built a house and resort on Lucie point. I’m living in San Fransisco now thinking of returning to Roatan. I would like to meet someone who has same in common.


Hey. We are from NY and we now live in Jonesville Point and manage a marina here. Here if you want to connect!


Wonderful! I lived in Jonesville for seven years and had wonderful experiences that I,d like to share and hear yours as well. Next April I hope to visit Jonesville with my Son and Soninlaw. We will need lodging as well as a Dory or skiff for daily transport. I know the waters well. By the way I was the one who introduced Calvin to the Crack. LOL


Sounds great! Check out our website We also have boat rentals. Would love to sit and hear your stories from then!!! Calvin’s crack is our front yard.

Keep in touch



Sherri (@EastEndManager)
Did you know Art Hilt? I was dealing with him when I left Roatan.
Paul (Apnea)


No I do not. Name sounds a little familiar though


Art Hilt in the early 90’s married a girl from one of the houses on your point of land. I also sold him a piece on Hogspen Bight. I believe he flipped it and moved on. I hope to visit your area this April with my son I look forward to meeting you.