Opportunites to pay it forward,be involved,give

About Cross Training Sports Camp, Inc

Cross Training Sports Camp, Inc. is a 501©3 and has been serving on the island of Roatan since 2003.

Being involved in young lives and seeing children develop into responsible and successful young adults brings much joy. Our program is built upon Biblical principles, and we treasure the opportunity to be continually involved in life on the island. Our goal is to provide students with strong role models and ensure they are equipped to become successful adulthood.

  • The first question we get is this: " What exactly do we do?"

  • he second question we get is this: “How do we do what we do?”

Hopefully a look at our Facebook page, Cross Training Sports Camp, Inc or a look at our website, should answer most of your questions. But for now, I’ll provide a quick overview here:

Cross Training Sports (CTSC) brings volunteer teams into the island and then we partner with Island/ Honduran friends, who then provide free sports camps. Our friends also sponsor students, or partner in feeding program, They also support teens and young adults with mentoring and healthy social gatherings.

Our program also provide special needs Children with camps and support. During Christmas, we provide Christmas gifts in several communities, help children obtain school supplies and provide sports uniforms and equipment.We offer small group learning lead by island leaders and volunteers. These include sewing, cooking, health and hygiene, family life. From our first visit, we have built strong relationships throughout the island.

This year we have seen many students whom we have served, graduate. Two of these students were awarded full university scholarships through Mayor Dorn Ebanks education emphasis, while others received the family sponsored scholarship.

We have a CTSC sponsored youth center, The Net, in Flowers Bay, where we hope to have soon full-time missionaries serving.

We are partners and sponsors of The I Was… I am Feeding program, currently housed in French Harbor COG where more than 100 school children are served breakfast and lunch daily.


Yes, indeed…at the end of the day, this paradise islands continues to be a third world country. Give if you can. Contribute if you can. Support if you can.


At first glance, the name made me think of “Cross Fit”…but upon reading more I see its a nonprofit charitable organization. There are people who have figured out that it is greater to give than to receive.