Poll: Is Roatan Safe for Tourist?

Roatan is…

  • Yes - Roatan is safe, come visit us anytime
  • No - Roatan is not safe, avoid it if you can
  • Kinda - If you keeps your wits about you, you’ll be fine

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Like most places, it is…and it’s not. If you observe common sense traveling etiquette, you should be alright. If you get convinced to stay up past midnight…you’re on your own.

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Midnight? I rarely make it past 8pm! (and I’m not that old!)


@davecove - So did you cast you vote? C’mon young lad…show me something…

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Yes! Safer today than most US cities and airports!


I have been here 4 years, I often travel alone to various outlying parts of the island. I have yet to feel unsafe. I don’t wear flashy jewelry, I don’t take my iPad/phone to the beach, I don’t carry a lot of cash and I am aware there are places on the island that I should not venture into. It was a lot less safe living in the USA than it is here.


The above is worth highlighting…that is another way of saying, keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine.


Although this has a little time line on it now and it does not take into consideration other crime etc. when I put the numbers together it surprised me how safe it was in comparison to other more well known locations.