Private Plane Charter RTB-SAP

I’ve visited Roatan several times & I’m in the process of purchasing land. I’d like to bring my entire family here in March 22 (10-13 people total) and I’m interested in private plane charter from RTB-SAP & vice versus. Any leads on this here. Google has been a dead end.

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Welcome @mkelle21

Please send an email at
I’ll be more than happy to assist you!


Hi there!

Just a little over nine months ago, my husband and our three pets moved to Roatan by private charter. We have nothing but great things to say about our experience. There was not one negative- all good! Here is the contact information for the representative who helped us. Best wishes!

EvoJets Contact


Hi Cathy,
We are using EvoJets based on your recommendation for our relocation on the 25th March! and Kate has been fantastic!
Just a question on the pets, if you dont mind, we have 5 dogs that are coming with us, they have their passports and are up to date on the vaccines, are there any other requirements for the pet import given we are using private charter rather than commercial airline ?(previously the dogs have travelled as unaccompanied cargo so the paperwork was plentiful)
Do they need vet certificates? Im getting mixed info online and the vets here are just as confused.
Thank you in advance

Cant wait to leave the snow behind!

How exciting! I can just imagine the whirlwind you are in right now.
Kate would be the one to get the most up-to-date requirements from.
I went back into our correspondence and found this particular communication.

So from this, we see that the Pet Health Certificates were required. Our vet was confused as well. I thought it would be her responsibility to figure it all out but it was not.

Link to the certificate:

You can ask Kate about that 2 per person requirement, as that was under a year ago.

Please let me know what else we can do to help!


Thank you Cathy!
Its been mad, hence my delayed reply.
Weve figured out the Health Certificates and vaccine certificates would be what we will need.
No one mentioned about how many pets can be registered to a passenger so i guess its not an issue as Kate is aware of the amount of dogs flying.
Thank you for your help!

In case anyone is following this thread and is wondering about taking pets to Roatan, you can only have 2 pets registered under one adult and this needs to reflect on the Health Certificate.
We’ve ended up paying very high import fees as all my pets (5) were under my name. The pets can not be brought in as “pets” but seen as import of animals. We’ve also waited for 2 hours at the airport for the vet to arrive and issue documents.

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