Raising chickens

Looking to relocate to the island and raise chickens for household use. Other than stray dogs what other predators are around to worry about free ranging?


Hello @Bob and thank you for contributing to the forum. You might read about Roatan’s Fauna and Flora. The bottom paragraphs might have some answers for you.

As a general rule, however, cats and dogs are likely your biggest concerns. There are a few venomous snakes on the island, a small population of crocodiles, and some birds of prey which might cause issues, but it is unlikely.

Let us know when you are closer to relocating. There are several Expat Communities around Roatan which you might find helpful.

You may also look over the RELOCATION GUIDE on our Roatan Tourism Bureau website.

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Bob, I say this jokingly and seriously. Be ware of the locals! - they make a mean chicken soup!