Re-Max: Real Estate on Roatan, "All You Need to Know"

Informative Videos: The fundamentals of real estate on Roatan.

Re-Max has created a series of videos for you to become more knowledgeable with the Bay Islands and the purchase of property here.

VIDEO 1 & 2 (Geography Webinars): Familiarize yourself with both Roatan and Utila -

Roatan Landscape & Geography Video:

Utila Landscape & Geography Video:

The Buy/Sell Process Explained:

Educational video explains the process with a Honduran Attorney, U.S. Accountant & Attorney, various medical professionals, insurance overview
and others

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Welcome to the community Larry, nice to meet you. I must say, you have a Branding advantage with Re-MAX.

Pardon my ignorance, but Is this the same "Re-Max we see in the states?

Also, for my benefit and that of future readers, can tell me if Island transactions carry title insurance?


RE/MAX is a Franchisor that is in over 100 countries. Yes , it is the same
corporation that you see in the U.S. , Canada and other places. That said
we have pretty strict rules and agreements but all local laws must be

There really is not Title Insurance here in that the Title companies really
had lesser protection to a great degree than what the Laws are in Honduras
and had a difficult time writing policies, though there are from the early
2000’s a few of them out there.

That said, there are three key ingredients to each title here. The title
document itself, the engineer’s survey and the Cadastral (satellite)
survey. All three must match before you close on any property

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