Real Estate Agent advise?

Hi, I’m Heather! I’m so glad this forum is here. I’ve read through a lot of the most recent topics, and most of them are really helpful!

We will be retiring in 2 years, and Roatan is at the top of our prospect list. We will be coming to the island in March to look at property and try to get a feel for the island and decide what it is we are really looking for. Does anyone have a good agent - NOT someone they are friends with who happens to be a realtor - but someone they have conducted business with, and felt listened to? Any particular agencies to avoid?

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Not sure if you read this thread but it might be helpful

Ooh La! I had not seen that one. You’re right; lots of good info there. Thank you so much.

Recommend Daniel Matrmoras and Lissa Affura for residency issues.

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Yes… the ONLY one to use if you are from the states…
Email me …


Absolutely, contact Dan Horn. He was our realtor and I actually met him on FB. He spent more than a year working with me via phone prior to us actually coming to Roatan to look at properties. Took us on a tour of island first so that we could understand the differences between West and East End of island.
He has a Remax office in Coconut Plaza in West End. Ultimately, we ended up buying a piece of property and building our own home. Moved in recently.
Feel free to pm me through FB with questions. There’s a lot to learn. Libby Grist Miller