Rental House's in Diamond Rock Area

Trying to decide if building a house with rental bunkies on the EastEnd Diamond Rock area would be a good idea and what would some of the options should I think of including .

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Welcome @roatanreggie - We have a few members uniquely qualified to help you think through this issue. @Larry32roatan made a good recommendation in another post in which he stated that getting the proper paperwork ahead of your project would save you time down the road. That seems obvious at first, but then again, the temptation to cut corners in Honduras is there. Don’t bite. Keep it by the book.

As far as the area, east end has worked for many. But can you tell us more about the property and its natural boundaries?

Diamond Rock I do not believe would be a place where you would generate many rentals.
The east end has better price points and if you are not expectation much income Calabash Bight or Camp Bay may be better choices. I am at

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We are located up the hill Mt
Pico I think its called the gates to our property are blue we have a great ocean view and only 6 min walk to beach at Paya Bay or 6 min drive to Camp Bay Playa Barbon beach


@roatanreggie The view is incredible. Thank you for sharing. I will leave the real-estate advice to others, but I will say that so much will depend on you and your strategy. I’ve seen groups with excellent properties struggle and seen hidden B&B’s thrive. Best of luck to you and keep us posted with your project.

HI. I have been saying for awhile that the Camp Bay area is the next big thing on the island. Over the past 2 years it has added a new dive shop, new lodge, kitesurfing and many new homes built or in the process of being built. All with intentions of being vacation rental properties.

This unspoiled piece of heaven is going to become even more popular. The West Bay beach is so overcrowded now. The beaches of Camp Bay area are still isolated. In my opinion this is the time to be a part because years down the line value will increase as well as population.

Invest wisely! Be versatile and know growth will take time.

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You’re exactly right on with your thoughts!



There is another posts on here which makes a strong case for the east side…if a new port is in the works. Here is the link to the post: