Question for those running an Air BnB on Roatan

Hello! My partner and I recently purchased a lot in a development in Diamond Rock. Out eventual plan is to build a vacation home that doubles as an Air BnB when we’re not there. We’re looking for advice from other expats who own rental property and run it from outside of Roatàn. Any recommendations for rental management companies? Ballpark on what these companies cost? We’re a couple years out from actually being up and running but we wanted to start gathering info so we can get an idea of how much to charge, etc
Thanks for any help!

We have a home in Sandy Bay and we use Islandhouse Vacation Rentals in West Bay. Brad and Ruth are wonderful and will take complete care of you. You can also trust them to not gouge you with fees. Be sure you pick a company that has turn key service. There are a lot of individuals that say they do property management. Then they just offer a few services which can leave you in North America scrambling to take care of your investment in Roatan.

Ok so rates are 25 to 35% of Gross Rental rate so easy example is $100 per night means $25 to $35. Then Airbnb or VRBO or Booking in the $12 to $20 range and after cleaning, electric, cable, internet, insurance, and taxes you net in the range $10 to $15.

Keep in mind that living and owning in the East End is nowhere near what the West Enders providers will mention.
Be sure the prospect can handle an “East End” property in Diamond Rock or Camp Bay (using Camp Bay for reference).
What I have “Seen” and know of out this way ((We built and Live in Camp Bay full-time)) is “East End Property Solutions”, and there are a couple of other service providers out this way.
On FB, they are East End Roatan Property Solutions S. A.
Sherri & Brian live in Jonesville Point and manage quite a few high-end locations out here such as Living Waters, and more.
For ‘reference’ to the earlier post from Sandy Bay, it is 1 - 1.5 hours away, ONE-WAY. So to check on the property will be up to three hours drive time for the provider.