Vacation place and location to get feel for moving to Roatan

My wife and I are looking to come an live in Roatan after I retire in two years moving from South Florida. We visited 2 years ago and stayed in West Bay Beach area at a resort. It was kind of a touristy area and are looking to do something less touristy. We are coming back next month in September. This time we are trying to find an area to stay like maybe Sandy Bay or something not remote where we can get a better feel for the island and what different areas it has to offer to live in. We do like the option of being near restaurants or places we can walk or have a short drive to. We also are friendly and don’t want to be isolated. We are looking to be on the ocean front or definitely must have an ocean view. Can you give me some ideas where on the island I should look or what you would recommend? We are renting a car this time and will drive around the island to see other areas too. Appreciate the help.

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Just moved from FL… drop me a note if I can help… rjg848@gmail

I highly recommend Annie Miles who works with Re/MAX…ask her about White Rock Hills…plenty of ocean view sites and its located in mid-Sandy Bay so you are near restaurants, bars, grocery stores, etc. Ocean front is getting much harder to find in the west of the island. or whatsapp her at 504-9996-8252. Mention my name.


Thank you Carol. I found a place called The Sanctuary in Sandy Bay…on the beach!!!

Super excited to see what living outside of a hotel or resort on the Island is like. I rented a car and I’ll be exploring the island to see the different parts to see what appeals most to me. We definitely want to be on the beach when I came after I retire. Just don’t know where exactly. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.



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Well Sanctuary is on the beach and it is in Sandy Bay……so you’ll get to see how you like it. East end is very far away from most things including groceries, bars and restaurants….you want solitude if you live in the East side. West Bay is just a tourist destination; not to say there arent ex-pats living there but not on the beach…they have hillside ocean views in beautiful million dollar homes. And many of those ex-pats are actively working at their own bars, restaurants, real estate, etc.

Other areas include Gibson Bight and Mangrove Bight or West End. Good luck in your exploartions.

What exactly do you mean when you say “East End is very far away from most things”? Where is East End located? Do you mean East End as opposed to West End (Half Moon Cay etc.)? If so where does East End stop?

We don’t want solitude as we are people people and enjoy having neighbors. Do you consider The Sanctuary place we are staying as solitude?

I see Gibson Bight and Mangrove Bight on the map too. Do you mean that these areas or different form East End in that there are much more people and things to do there?

I just don’t know yet and am still trying to learn the island. Appreciate your help!!

The east end is EAST of French Harbor….way east…… its Santos Guardiola actually…places like Paya Bay, Calabash Bight, Camp Bay, Punta Gorda, Punta Blanca, First Bight and Second Bight, Oak Ridge, etc. It’s far away and goes to Helene and another out island. Look at a map Scotty.

As I stated; The Sanctuary is in Sandy Bay…right in the middle of plenty of people, restaurants, groceries, hardware stores and the like. Gibson Bight and Mangrove Bight is west of The Sanctuary. Anything on the west side of the island (the Roatan side) is more populated with people, ex-pats and stores and conveniences.

Study a map showing the whole island……

Thanks Carol. Believe me I have been looking at the map for some time. Just unsure of what I’m not sure of!! You have been a big help so far to me. Thank you.

We’ll start at Sandy Bay and go from there. Is there any kind of ex-pat get togethers or way we can find people who already did all the leg work that we need to do? Or are there just plenty of ex-pats and we’ll run into them all over the island??

Thanks again Carol. :blush:

When you get here, go to Sundowners in west end. Plenty of expats to talk with.

We own Turtle Casa in Sandy Bay ( Check out Papa Bones (especially Sunday evenings) for Sandy Bay’s ex-pat hangout as well. Welcome!!

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