Retire in Roatan for $1,000 per month

Retired, Relaxed, & Roatan

There is a writer among us! - One of our very own wrote a piece describing a journey to Roatan and her new found freedom living on the island of Roatan. The article describes a scene on a beach, on a Monday, with “no meetings, no business clothes, no agendas” - just sand, clear water, bad volley bad, and good company.

This article made for an excellent read:
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This article also made an appearance on CNBC



I’ve seen this article before…good read. I can tell by the choice of words she’s an artist and a romantic. However, I am not sure the $1,000 price point is attainable. That might be stretching it. $1,500 - $2,500 is more like it.


@DeepThinker I appreciate your commentary. Thank you.

That said, I am pretty sure the author is out of your league :wink: - Happy New Year!


Yes, you can live in Roatan for $1,000 per month. You just need to live as a local and know how to avoid tourist traps. Totally doable. I agree with the article.


Actually, you can live here for $1000.00 a month. You won’t be eating out much or spending money at bars nightly but it can be done. Many of the young dive instructors come here just wanting to dive, they stay in a hostel or share an apartment with a few people, baleadas for their meals, super cheap living.


Doable yes, but I don’t think I’d be very comfortable living on that. Not that I spend excessively or anything, but it’s nice to be able to get out and do things without worrying about finances.


@Yurpsnox - trust your instincts. $3,500 is the number you’re after. The only thing worse than penny pinching at home is penny pinching on an island paradise.

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