Excited about Living an Expat Life in Roatán

Hola, My name is Alejandro. I am a US citizen but native from Tegucigalpa. I have lived in the States for almost 40 years. After a teaching career of 28 years in a School District in Colorado, and at times at CSU, I’m finally retired. I have a lot of family in Honduras and visit the country twice a year. I am excited at the possibility of moving to Roatan and having so much family so close. I have to Roatan several times but I’m also so inclined to associate with expats and live that culture too. I am impressed with so many option for volunteers in the Island and that attracts me a lot because I still have so much active life in me in different senses. Any comments will be welcome!


Alejandro. I am on the island full time now. When you get down next, hit me up. And if there is anything you might need ahead of your travels and while you are considering the island, don’t hesitate in asking.

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Hello Alejandro. How are your relocating plans coming along?


Thank you, I will be in Roatan in November attending a Cousin’s weeding and plan to stay afterwards for a few days to inquire about housing and life in the Island. I’ll contact you at that time.


Slow, but visiting the Island in November to explore housing and volunteering.


Hello–amelendez andDeepThinker–

I am contemplating retiring to Roatan, but I have a million questions. If either of you would be willing to answer some, I would be grateful.
First, approximately how much did it cost you to make the move? Did you ship furniture, etc., or start over when you got there?

How did you choose where to live? I want to make an exploratory trip in the near future to get an idea if this would be the right move for me. Any recommendations for where to stay, best ways to get to know the place and what life would be like? I am not interested in staying in a touristy resort.

Alejandro, did you end up moving to Roatan?


@ecmcellen - You’re at the right place for questions, fire away…

COST OF MAKING THE MOVE: I would estimate between $5K and $10K. This will vary drastically based on your family size, and lifestyle you’re trying to replicate here on the island. Personally, I think you should build from scratch once we get here. Make the move and get a solid sense of what you can and what you cannot live without, over time. In other words…spend gradually, not upfront.

CHOOSING WHERE TO LIVE: The island small enough to figure this out over an extended visit or a few shorter visits. In general, the below areas are good choices to consider:

  • Sandy Bay
  • Lawson Rock
  • West End
  • French Harbour

Consider staying on the western side of the island during your exploratory visit. Sandy Bay has a few places where you can stay. West End is also a good choice… it’s a little touristic, but it’s very pedestrian and it’s a good place to get a good sense of the local expat community.

Let me know if you have any further questions.