Retiring to Roatan

My husband and I visited Roatan on a cruise. We fell in love. We intend to make an extended stay to see if its a perfect retirements spot. We are both prior military and expect that things will definitely be different from the U.S. We would like to see the island from every perspective before we decide to buy or not.
As far as weather goes, we want to be there during the hottest part of the year, to see if we can handle the heat and humidity. We both spent time in Iraq so heat we don’t expect its worse than that.
Can you please advise us?
Thank you


Hello @TrixieBelle723, and welcome to Roatan Forum. You seem like the sort of couple that can easily survive Roatan’s heat. But, just for good measure, here is a good overall outlook on Roatan’s weather.



good idea. although the average temp in Roatan is 75-85 year round, August is the hottest month. This year the August temp averaged 105 F with 90% humidity. If you are at the beach, it really is ok but I like it hot. In Jan, Feb, Mar it was high of 80 to 85F. Thanks for your military service and good luck with Roatan.

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