Cost and location of good rents

Hello, I’ve been leaving the cold Northeast USA and spending a week in West End for diving every winter for the last ten or so years… and thoroughly enjoying it! Now that I am retired I’d like to consider spending one to several month son the island in the winter. I welcome any advice that you can offer.
I want to be within walking distance of the beach and also restaurants for an occasional meal. Not interested in bars or partying. Appreciate quiet neighbors.
Here are some questions.
What can I expect to pay for monthly rent for a 2 bedroom apartment or home with a nice patio or deck?
If I am there for more than a month should I plan on renting a car?
I would be comfortable in the West End area. Are there other other areas that I should consider?
Thank you for any information that you can provide.

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Hi @LMinCT

Welcome to our forum. Below are several topics already discussed on the forum which answer your questions:

Also, there’s an article below about the cost of living in Roatan, which might be useful

The rent will highly depend on the location. If you’d like, you can send me a private message to help you find one with a realtor if it is for the long term.
I suggest you rent a car if you stay more than a month.

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