Return flight Covid testing

Upon leaving the island, a negative test result is required no more than 1 day prior to departure. We will be on Roatan the first part of June. Are there plenty of testing sights? Where are they located? Thanks.

There are, and most resorts can get you an on-site test.

Go to Covid-19 Testing Requirements For All Air Passengers to the US for a good overview, and many testing centers are listed on

Thank you FrankP. That information is very helpful. Looking forward to some relaxing time on the island.

we have just returned from Infinity Bay where Wood Medical Centre (Nr Coxen Hole i think) sent a doctor for our tests, it costs $30 - $50 depending on time of day at the resort

Thanks. Sounds like there are quite a few options. We’re staying in the Sany Bay area.

Go to Laboratorios MOBI. They cheap and quick.


Here’s all the information you need to know