Roatan Public Services

A Brief Overview of Roatan Public Services

The Bay Island, and Roatan in particular offer a wide range of public services. Many of these need maturing and innovation, but they serve a purpose nonetheless. Here is an article on the Roatan Tourism Bureau website which discusses Public Services.

Roatan Public Services:

Roatan Airport RTB public services


Full article on the Roatan Tourism Bureau website. Click Below.


Public Services are on par with other 3rd world countries but should improve tremendously with the uprising popularity faced by Roatan. Potholes must become a thing of the past.


I do what I can to stay inside of the offerings of the private sector. That said, the airport and the local police seem to do a good job on Roatan. I was pulled over for not wearing a helmet and I was sent off with only a warning. I was never asked for a bribe. That alone let a positive impression.

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