Is there a Roatan Tourism Bureau?

Roatan’s Tourism Bureau

Looking around various websites in search of a “proper” or “official” home page for Roatan’s Tourism Bureau. So far I’ve come across a few sites that hold themselves out as officially holding that title. But I can’t help but feel these are “self-appointed” groups…maybe…maybe not.

Does anyone know if we have a, sure enough, bureau with actual governmental ties and approvals?

I am not expecting much. I know it’ll probably be underfunded, understaffed if it exists at all.


The official government site doesn’t seem to offer much. But here is one which you might find promising:
Let us know if this is what you were after.


There is a private outfit that holds itself out as the official site. This organization was formed by a few private organizations. Have a look:
I am not sure if it is “Government Backed,” but it holds itself out as the “official.”


There is. The website appears to be under construction as of October 2017. Here is the site I found: