Roatan's Nudist Resort

Visit Paya Bay (East End)

Naturism is first of all about freedom. Freedom to experience life in your most natural state. We are born nude ànd then often taught through family, societal and cultural cues to be “ashamed” of our bodies. People who practice naturism are rebelling against the notion that our amazing bodies (regardless of what “shape” they may be in) should be a source of shame, rather our bodies should be a source of pride. Naturism helps us to accept our bodies along with the imperfections whether they are real or imagined. With social nudity, you take away all the barriers that people use to separate themselves from others, and there is an immediate sense of belonging to the human race at its most basic and honest level. THIS is who I am.

To learn more, visit PAYA BAY RESORT


Oh goodness…I’ll be the first to blush and say “good for Roatan.” PayBay is the perfect resort for this. That peninsula y private and hard to beat.

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