Clothing Optional on Private Property

Before anyone gets their undies in a bunch Im not talking about public nudity. Im asking if I buy a property and have a grand deck and I want to sunbathe naked, is that a no no or live and let live?

Update on travel plans
We will be in Roatan from June 15-21. We will be staying in Sandy Bay beach front at a vacation rental. We will be taking some days to scout the island for possible home sites.

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If you decide to sunbathe naked and are not hidden from view…expect lots of gawkers. That said there is no law saying you cannot on your own property. Now if you plan on doing that in Sandy Bay in a rental with other neighbors near by, expect some push back.

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Thank you! No I dont intend to do it at the Sandy Bay rental. I am not intending to do it in full view of anyone. I know that Roatan is developing and eventually the island might become over crowded with development.
My husband and I will be looking for a larger property with plenty of privacy. I know that Hondurans in general are very conservative and would never intentionally offend them or their culture.
I just wanted to know if anyone has run across this issue of sunbathing naked on their own property and having issues with it.
Thank you for responding.