The Roatan Marine Park

Roatan Marine Park

The Marine Park works as a Non-Government Organization (NGO). It operates primarily out of the fees it collects from its membership base. That money goes directly into Marine Park programs. Visitors to Roatan can help financially by becoming members of the Marine Park. Read More


For the full articles, visit the Roatan Tourism Bureau’s website by clicking the link below.


I was pleased to learn that Dive Pangea is taking the lead in the new East End Chapter of the Roatan Marine park. They now have a patrol boat and they are docking near Paya Bay. This part of the reef needs to be protected from local fisherman coming out of Punta Gorda. The area is over fished. This is totally a step in the right direction.


Outstanding work once again with the publications and the press release. We try to support the RMP efforts anytime we can and will soon be hosting a patrol boat in our East Sandy Bay location. Logistics and support will help distribute the patrol boats around the island. Let’s all keep the trend going and protect the reef.

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