Sailboat to rent for a day sail?

Hi! Some friends and I are planning a trip to Roatan next month, September 2018. While we will mainly be diving, eating, and enjoying the beach, I thought it would be fun to rent a sailboat for an afternoon if I can find one. Would anyone know of someone who would be willing to rent a small 16-30 foot sailboat with a main and jib? I am an experienced ASA certified sailor who can provide credentials and can leave a deposit. I am not looking for a crewed charter boat, just a simple sail boat. Thanks!


There are few sailors on this forum. The following come to mind:


@ryanklep - Greetings. You’ll have a great time on Roatan. We do have seasoned sailors on Roatan who might be able to put you behind the helm. Zeppeling Dive & Sail is another option for you to consider.



I don’t know of anyone on the island that would rent their boat out without captain and crew. It is too dangerous with the reef here. We offer both half day (5 hour) and full day (8 hour) charters. I’d be happy to let you helm the boat once we are out. I have my OUPV and have coached sailing for 10 years. Check out our website


@ryanklep Not sure if you’ve found a good fit, but we here is a bio on a new member of our community. The description and images might be what you’re after:

Happy sailing Mr.

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Negative. Not under normal circumstances.

You are better off making friends with a local charter and over time yes…once you are a regular client I am sure they might entrust you with their livelihood!