Sailing Charter Roatan Honduras

Ready to set Sail around ROATAN?



Beautiful sailboat. I wonder, is the sailing best on the south side which get more wind? on the north side of Roatan which gets less wind and has calmer waters?

You have a nice boat and if the property in the picture is available to your passengers, I am sure the time before and after a sail is enjoyable as well.

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our charter guests will be happy to BBQ and relax in the pool after an extreme sail excursion


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I am interested in the same question you posed @LadyDanger, about the sailing conditions on the north side of the island vs the south. Good question.

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There ate no deep cuts for a deep draft sailboat on the north shore,plenty of safe harbours on the south shore,we sail south east shore!


The geography of Roatan always amazes me. That all makes sense. Thank you for your response. Happy sailing!

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