Shipping container to Roatan

We are currently in the process of moving to Roatan. Does anyone have any recommendations for shipping containers? We are trying to decide the best way to get stuff down there that we can’t bring in a suitcase (like furniture and a vehicle). Thanks in advance!


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I’ll leave some threads about container shipping on the island

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We were told that also but post talking an attorney after the property purchase that duty free container s are tied to residency not buying property.
We also need a broker there. We have gotten so many run around from US side.

How can I read the threads? I am interested to know as well. Thanks!

Just click on the link/name of each topic

You need to pay an attorney to become a resident before you can ship a container. It is a two part process. It cost us a total of $7000. You must itemize everything in the container as well as the value.

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