Hello Expats Roatan!

My husband & I are strongly considering retiring to beautiful Roatan! Can anyone please give us any helpful insight on the transition? We currently live in VA & are coming to visit Roatan early next year & we have heard great things. Any info would be welcomed :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Jen Batista

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Hello @JeniBatista, and welcome to the forum.
You are at the right place! - The best thing to do is to ask specific questions here and we will provide you with specific responses to your questions as you move along the process. It is difficult to simply “provide you” with all that you might encounter in the days ahead.

Take one step and one issue at a time, in sequence as it develops from you. Remember no two moves are exactly the same.

You can also send me a private message if you have questions that may not be appropriate for a public forum, just click on my name and then “send message”

Let us know when you have hard dates for your next visit and if you have a place to stay.

Take care.

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Hi @JeniBatista

This article can also help you, read more about moving to Roatan on our Roatan Tourism Bureau website at the following link https://roatantourismbureau.com/moving-to-roatan?rq=moving

The online forum will also help you to connect and meet new people as you are in the process of moving. Consider browsing through our forum. Here’s some information that the community has previously discussed:


We retired early and moved to the island in July 2019. Shipped a container, bought a car, a house, formed a corporation, obtained residency, etc. Feel free to message me if you have specific questions.


How come I can’t ‘send message’?
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Hello @mastrine

Make sure to log in and click on the photo, and the Send Message option will appear. I will send you a private message just in case you still have trouble.

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