Our Article, on APPLE NEWS

Our article on Apple News!

Our Scuba Diving with Age article found its way to Apple News today. We’re excited about the new platform which will allow us to continue to promote and share Roatan with the rest of the word.

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Great work!!!
We often deal with experienced divers over 50 years of age. Most divers understand the issues highlighted in the article; yet, there are those moments when we, as dive professionals, must make a hard decision for others who aren’t prepared for the dive.

One of the most overlooked problems we witness and mitigate relates to old, outdated, or unserviced scuba gear. This too can result in a diver rescue scenario; when it shouldn’t.

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I would have - should have - included that in my article. It is true that equipment negligence and oversight leads to added and unnecessary exposure at depth.

Well I sure thought it was great and I’m sure you can make an entire article on that alone ;-). Please don’t think I was being critical,just enjoyed and wanted to add some useful observations to the thread. Gracias

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@Blueisland - I appreciate your comments! - I don’t take offense at all, quite the opposite. I welcome the descent and another view point. This is, after all, a discussion board! - So bring it on and thank you indeed.

You’ve got me thinking about a future blog post!

@RoatanOnline - You can title your next blog post: “Equipment Malfunction” - you heard it here first! :smile: