West Bay sewage treatment plant?


Does anyone know of any plans for a new sewage treatment plant that may be built behind West Bay Beach (back behind West Bay Divers and the Seaside Inn)? My husband and I were interested in buying some property back there, but heard from someone that the land owned by Jewel State Development is intended for a sewage treatment plant. Any information you may know or if you have suggestions who/where I could contact to find out more information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Hi there. I am asking around since I have not heard any of this information. I will get back to you as soon as I hear anything.


I haven’t heard anything official either. Please do keep us posted if you get any good intel.

If I am not mistaken, the area has always been a low “marsh-like” area. The water table cannot be more than a foot below the surface, so I am not sure it would be ideal for a sewage treatment plant.


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I don’t know if any work has been done ahead of time to ensure the property is fit for the plant…would love to hear it isn’t suitable!! To help give a little more idea of where the property owned by Jewel State Development S.A. that was mentioned as the future site of the sewage plant is…if you’re coming from West Bay Rd and turn onto Palm (across from Keyhole Bay), just as you pass the new Black Iguana West Bay golf club and villas you will turn left onto Fosters WB Rd. This Jewel State property is just as you’ve turned onto Fosters WB road on the left (south). It’s a fairly heavily wooded site right now. Anyhow, I am trying to contact Kyle McNab of Mayan Princess as I have heard he may have a little insight. I’ll keep you posted if I hear more… Thanks again!

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Hoping for positive information:) I appreciate you looking into it!!! We’ve heard from several that it’s a rumor, but also had someone else give a little more context so it has us curious and hesitant to purchase the property. Thank you again for your help! I’ll definitely share any new info as we learn it…

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ok, thats helpful. Yes, please do keep us posted if you are willing.

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From Kyle McNab re Treatment plant,

The Jewel Estate Property was purchased by the West Bay Hotel owners to be used as the site of a Treatment Plant, that’s correct. The plant has not been built yet because of Government and Private Sector not being able to come to terms on who pays what, but I’m pretty certain that in the future (hopefully sooner than later), it will be developed at some point because West Bay NEEDS it.

With that said, the design calls for no odor, no noise, etc; but in the end, it is a Sewage Treatment Plant.

Hope my response helps.


Thank you for looking into this and helping provide super helpful feedback!!! Appreciate your help!!!

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Very good intel from a reliable source. Thank you @Anna for this contribution.


Excellent intel. Many thanks @Anna