Camping in Roatan

It sounds like you can pitch a tent and be ready to go. I visited your FB page. Thank you for the added inspiration!

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hi Lionfish

How’s it going today ? Do you live on the island already or are you planning to move there ? i thought about pitching a tent but decide to wait even thou surprising enough no one camps anywhere on the island , do you have Facebook ?

Thanks for now Brian


I think this may be a cultural thing…it starts with safety concerns. That said, I wouldn’t mind doing it on my property (if I owned any) or on a remote beach. Roatan and Honduras don’t have “Federal Land Grants” protected and preserved and developed for hiking and camping. There are protected areas, but they are not cared for and developed or maintained by forest rangers. La Mosquitia on the mainland is essentially all jungle. Pico Bonito near La Ceiba is also a protected area, but you would need to a real pro to camp there. I don’t know if Roatan has protected public parks where this could happen…?

Not sure what the laws are around “camping” on a public beach…?

But hey, if you have your land, I totally would give it a go at least for a night or two. Just load up on the insect repellent.

Consider camping on a Sail Boat!..over the water…relaxed and safe.

I agree with @MantaRay that it isn’t culturally accepted. However, there are lots of private lands where you could camp with permission of the owner. The southwest side of the island comes to mind. Down below MarVista, there are empty lots with great keyholes. Some owners are easier to track down or have caretakers who can approve the grounds for camping.

But if you have your lot, you should get this done…take a photo and then hang it on the wall in the living room of the home you’ll build there in the future.

Kaaaaboooom, like a boss.

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@roatanreggie I am in San Pedro for the moment. Back in August. No Facebook. You should absolutely camp on your property and light a big fire pit after the sun goes down just for fun.

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I might consider the camping idea maybe I should open a camp ground build some decks for tents and then rent them out on a nitty base , think there would be much interest ?


Consider camping on your property with a few friends. Explore the idea over a fire and a few drinks. At a minimum, you’ll make for a memorable time. Enjoy.

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@RoatanOnline - I agree with you. Most people think that Roatan would be too hot for fires, but that isn’t totally true. Especially if you’re in the southern cost to catch the breeze. Nights can really cool down and the ocean breeze across the island is good.

@roatanreggie - This factor alone would go a long way in determining if your property is suitable for tent camping in my view.

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@MantaRay – Yes and No. Backpackers are a unique sub-bunch. They can usually make themselves at home with few amenities. What this crowed is after is safety and a price sensitive rate.

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This is the sort of business you can put to the test with little capital improvements. Do it. Go for it. Let the market provide the feedback.

I would hedge your bets by reaching out to the backpacking community…

Best of luck.


Lion Fish, I agree with you. With average annual temperatures in the upper 80’s, camping can be had year round.


Think of it this way:
The third oldest activity in Roatan was Scuba Diving…
The second oldest activity in Roatan was Fishing…
And the first activity every practiced in Roatan was in fact, CAMPING!

Go for it.