can VIP package people hang out with other package people

We are trying to book our packages for our cruise and our friends dont want the same package as us. We want the VIP +swimming with the pigs and they just want the sloth farm + full island. We wanted to know if we get the VIP are we in or beside the same area as the other packages?

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Hello there @mdowns, Yes you can.

The package benefits are for each individual to consume, but your group can be together. For example, if some purchases a mini pig interaction and someone else purchased a scuba package then then each person can do their activity when they want…the rest of the time they are eating and lounging together.

How large is your group? I may have a Discount code for you if you book on this Link:


Each one of you can pick the package you would like however, only our VIP guests are allowed in the private area. So, in this case you could be with them on any other area of the key.

Feel free to visit our website and book your package with us!

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