Caribbean Sand Flies

I just returned from Roatan on June 23rd— This is the second time I’ve been there-- First time in January 2019 it was lovely with plans to go back. I made it back on June 9th 2021… It was all very nice EXCEPT the Caribbean Sand Fly ate me up-- I never knew anything about them so this was the first-- I received several very large boils hat got totally infected and today July 11 2021 they are still draining. Just want to warn everyone that these little creatures are nasty. Here is a website that tells you about them which I discovered after I left. This is just a word of caution , beware of these pesty flies.


Hi, Vern. Man, I’m sorry you are suffering. Today marks my third month living on Roatan’s East End and I agree with you. My husband and I are being eaten alive by the Sand Flies as well as the noseeums. I have found that if I immerse myself in Picaridin every morning they leave me alone. This stuff is a lotion and I pump it onto a washcloth and use it on my arms & legs. (I order it from Amazon.) One or two of my bites have been infected, too. Not pleasant at all.

Otherwise, I’ll bet we both agree that Roatan is a wonderfully peaceful island! I love it here. My husband and I are building our home now. It is a small, rustic cottage. With a 20’ elevation!!

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Thanks Cathy I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I took some photos but don’t want to scare anyone off. I traveled 4500 miles (Texas-Washingtton St) by vehicle afterwards which was horrible (heat waves-max 120 degrees) having these infected and boils. YES the island is wonderful, second time I was there, the weather you can’t beat. Good luck on your new adventure, very exciting to know you OWN a piece of heaven. :slight_smile:

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i agree. they have ruined my dreams. I bought a property in Sandy Bay. The soil under my house is sandy so it is full of no seeums. I am going to sell my house and move to the mainland in a gated community where i still have access to the beach and i will have a pool and my property is on grass. I have been to the doctor for treatment. As we speak I still have something going on with my skin. some sort of little bumps and reddish and i have no idea what they are. they are not itchy but i want them gone!

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Hey Bev I was looking to purchase also-- I’m so glad it wasn’t just me. The island is so beautiful its a crime these critters are taking over… What can be done?? I will be much more investigative on my next travels abroad. Good luck to you Bev, its a big move.

well they say, put plenty of sand fly away or other products that prevent them from biting but that is a hassel. Everyone has a story about them and they also say that it does get better… Well the damage has been done to my legs! so i am moving to where they are not so bad. on the mainland in a gated community on the beach. there are pros and cons. The pro being it is half the price where i am going, the con is there isn’t much around and a bad road to get there…